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Instagram Imaginary rules

Starting May 18-May 20 (Midnight)


All Submissions are in!

We will be selecting our finalists over the coarse of the next few days and will send messages to those who won.

If a winner has denied entry into the group, the membership will be given to the next best photo.

Thank you all for participating and more importantly, for your continued support in these trying times.

If you end up not winning membership access, don't worry! We will continue to have every release accessible to the general public minus the 2 included in the program.

Thanks for being our imaginary friends!










May 21-24

We will hand select our 10 favorite photos from the collection of hashtags provided all of the rules have been covered in your post (Beer/Tag/Hashtag).

We will then send out DM's to the 10 winners and they can choose to either accept or deny entry.

If winner denies entry, we will select the next best photo and so forth.

May the best photos win!

Stay safe, Carry on.

We miss you all!


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