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Can + Bottle
-Sales tax not included-


ProngHorn COLA.jpg
COB- The Outcast.jpg

Cult of Billy: The Outcast
$22 / 4pk

POSER jpg final.jpg

Poser: IPA
W/ Pineapple, Lime zest, Vanilla bean
$22 / 4pk

Minor Logic.jpg

Minor Logic: Hoppy Pale Ale
$18/ 4pk


Lodestar IV Label WEB.jpg

Lodestar IV
Ale Fermented in oak with mixed culture

Melvin 2021 label website.jpg

Melvin: 2021

Amber Farmhouse Ale 

Aged in wine barrels for 2 years


Colour haze Blue.jpg

Colour Haze: Blue
Ale Fermented with Mixed Culture
Hopped w/ Mosaic and Nectaron


Pronghorn: Unfiltered Bavarian- Style Helles
$18 / 4pk

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