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Imaginary Friends

•Membership Program•

        2020 Membership SOLD OUT!!!




The freak folk membership initiative is an annual program that will allow a certain number of folks to have access to membership exclusive beer and merchandise and the potential for an annual event provided we are out of the current socially distant mess we are in... 

Annual fee per member $150

Fee does not include cost of the releases

Limited to 25 members for year 1

Imaginary Friends benefits include-


•2 commemorative freak folk/ Imaginary Friends glasses


•2 freak folk/ Imaginary Friends exclusive beers (format TBD. Included  in membership fee)


•A logo Tee


•Access to the Imaginary friends social media group and special  announcements regarding upcoming releases and early access as well  as voters rights regarding the annual Imaginary Friends brew/blend


•Guaranteed allotment for each release with proxy allowed. Members  are allowed 1 proxy That MUST be noted at check out. Proxy will be  required to show ID to match the name on the list. 

 We will commit to holding member allotments for 4 weeks after the  release 

•An Imaginary Friends only event (Subject to change based on the        current pandemic situation... Hopefully it'll be more than a lame zoom  chat)

•Right of first refusal for year 2 membership

 members will be granted access through a lottery system.

click below to enter the sooper seekrit imaginary store

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