Vintage bottle and draught

Freak of Nurture:

Ale fermented with mixed culture. Conditioned on butterfly pea flower and gently dry hopped with Simcoe and Loral. Brewed in September of 2018.

Draught only- Event exclusive

6.5% abv


Primordia- Unblended:

Ale fermented in oak with mixed culture and conditioned in a single oak puncheon. Brewed in January of 2019.

Draught only- Event exclusive

5.9% abv

Batch #1:

Ale fermented in stainless with mixed culture. Brewed in December of 2018. Bottle conditioned.

Event exclusive

5.6% abv

Cabin Bier

Blend 1

Ale fermented with mixed culture and aged gracefully in a single chardonnay barrel. Brewed in December 2018.

Bottle conditioned 04/19.

5.8% abv


38 cases produced


Blend 1

Ale fermented in oak with mixed culture. Brewed in December of 2018. 

Blend of one of our 500l puncheons and a single red wine barrel. 

Bottle conditioned 03/19.


56 cases produced


Ale fermented with mixed culture. Brewed in January of 2019.

Brewed with a combination of oats and pilsner malts. Hops are negligible.

Blended from a combination of one of our 225l wine barrels and its stainless conditioned counterpart and conditioned on VT wildflower honey for an additional 4 months.  

Bottle conditioned 07/19.


71 cases produced


Saison-style ale brewed with pilsner and wheat malts . Fermented and conditioned in stainless with one of our favorite brettanomyces strains.

Brewed in December of 2018

Bottled February of 2019



13 Cases produced